Are you interested in how to make a simple fondant decorations

Are you interested in making a simple fondant decoration? 
You come to the right place. On this site you will find very simple step-by-step "HOW TO" tutorials, which will show you how to make more or less cute fondant decorations for your cake. If you never attended sculpture classes like me, to create such simple decorations, you only need a little bit of good will.

How to make sheep fondant figurine

Sheep fondant figurineSheep fondant figurine front up

Today I will show how to make simple sheep fondant figurine, just like other sheeps from cartoon Shaun the sheep.
We need two colors of fondant (black and white), a small straw, bigger straw, wooden stick and a piping tip with circle shape. 

Sheep fondant figurine body
From white fondant we shape rounded cyliynder.
Sheep fondant figurine circle up
With piping tip with round hole imprint pattern of a round on top and sides, thus obtaining at least some similar appearance wool.
Sheep fondant figure
Finalized wool pattern
Sheep fondant figurine legs up
From black fondant make four little balls. Place the balls in rectangle.
Sheep fondant figurine legs on body
Moisten upper part of balls and place body on balls, so they stick together.

Sheep fondant figurine head parts
From black fondant make a ball and shape it into a head. Then, make two short rolls for ears, and from black and white fondant with use of straws make eyes.
Sheep fondant figurine eyes
With a wooden peg at the bottom of head make two holes.
Sheep fondant figurine head all up
On his head lightly moisten location for eyes and ears. With slightly pressure glue them to head. 
Sheep fondant figurine tail up
From white fondant make small ball, moisten location on back side and with slightly pressure glue the ball. That is a tail.
Sheep fondant figurine head on body up
On front part of body moisten location for a head. With slightly pressure glue head to body and leave it overnight in that position. You can help yourself to place something under the head.

In this very simple way, you can create cute sheep fondant figurines.
Sheep fondant figurine trio up

This is the easiest way of doing simple sheep fondant cake topper.  

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