Are you interested in how to make a simple fondant decorations

Are you interested in making a simple fondant decoration? 
You come to the right place. On this site you will find very simple step-by-step "HOW TO" tutorials, which will show you how to make more or less cute fondant decorations for your cake. If you never attended sculpture classes like me, to create such simple decorations, you only need a little bit of good will.

How to make Spiderman fondant motive tutorial

Spiderman fondant motive

For all fans of Spider-Man today I present the manufacturing process of the design of Spiderman mask from fondant.

We need two colors of fondant (red, black and white), needle, knife, pen with edible black colour and brush with little water. 
First of all, online search for motive Spiderman mask that suits you. I chose the motive from this page Spiderman free download vector.
Print the motive on A4 sheet, which is suitable for cake size of 28 cm. When motive is printed, cut the mask out with scissors.

Spiderman fondant motive - head
Roll out red fondant, place the mask motive paper on fondant and cut out the shape of masks.

Spiderman fondant motive - head line
Border red fondant with a pen with edible black colour.
Spiderman fondant motive - head
Through the design of the paper mask determine where are straight lines. This is done most easily by placing the paper mask on fondant and with needle pin the place where are the junction of spider web. Withdraw the paper from the fondant and draw a straight lines thru holes with pen.
Spiderman fondant motive - head net
Then use the pen to draw the intermediate spider thread.
Spiderman fondant motive - head eyes
Cut out eyes from paper mask. Roll out the black and white fondant, cut out the black and white parts of eyes with the knife.
Spiderman fondant motive - eyes
Using a brush, moisten the black part of the fondant and put on white part of fondant. This gives you eyes of the mask.
Spiderman fondant motive - finnished
In the middle part of the mask, moisten the place for eyes and with gentle pressure glue the eyes on mask.

This is the easiest way of doing simple Spiderman mask fondant  cake topper.  

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