Are you interested in how to make a simple fondant decorations

Are you interested in making a simple fondant decoration? 
You come to the right place. On this site you will find very simple step-by-step "HOW TO" tutorials, which will show you how to make more or less cute fondant decorations for your cake. If you never attended sculpture classes like me, to create such simple decorations, you only need a little bit of good will.

How to make snail fondant figurine

Snail fondant

Today I will show you how to make simple snail fondant figurine.

We need three colors of fondant (brown, skin and black), straw and brush with little water.

Snail fondant color

First we roll skin colored fondant in long roll of which the last 2/3 of the length is flattened.

Snail fondant under part

With the help of a plastic cup, lift the front part and leave in a position to dry, so it becomea a snail body.

Snail fondant stand up

Roll brown colored fondant in long roll, flatten him with hand, where one side is little wider.

Snail fondant house
On the wider side start to roll into a shape of snail house.

Snail fondant snail house
On the dry snail body, moisten a place on the back, where the snail house will strand.

Snail fondant before house
Press the snail house with gently pressure to snail body, so they stick together.

Snail fondant with house
Roll two small skin fondants into two small rolls and bent the top portion to make tentacles.

Snail fondant tentasles
Roll the black fondant thinly and with a straw cut two black circles. With gently pressure stick them on the bent part of tentacles.

Snail fondant tentacles with eyes
Moisten the two places on the snail head, and with gently pressure stick two tentacles on the head.

Snail fondant finished

On the same way you can make more snails with different colored houses.

Snails fondant two snails

Leave the figurine in a dry place to dry completely.

This is the easiest way of doing simple snail fondant cake topper. 

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