Are you interested in how to make a simple fondant decorations

Are you interested in making a simple fondant decoration? 
You come to the right place. On this site you will find very simple step-by-step "HOW TO" tutorials, which will show you how to make more or less cute fondant decorations for your cake. If you never attended sculpture classes like me, to create such simple decorations, you only need a little bit of good will.

Soccer ball fondant

Fondant soccer ball
Today I will show you simple and easy way how to make soccer ball from fondant. Its easier than you think.

For the production we need fondant in black and white color, a brush with some water.

First, make 12 smaller black balls (try to do all the same size), then 20 white balls of equal size like black, and one white ball, which should be about eight times greater than the smaller ones.

Fondant soccer ball white and black balls close

Moistened one black ball and five white balls and then whith slightly pressure glue them to the larger white ball in the form of flowers of five sheets. Black ball in the middle and white balls around black.

Fondant soccer ball flower close

Then continue with five black balls. Moisten them and with slightly pressure glue them to the place where the two white balls stick together, as is evident from the photo.

Fondant soccer ball next black close

Then continue with white balls, where you glue three white balls around black ones, to obtain a sample of five flowers. In the empty spaces between the white balls, put five black balls, surround them with last white balls and at the bottom glue the last remaining black ball.

Fondant soccer ball all balls close

Place the resulting pellet between the palms and start with slow and gentle circular motions to rotate and compress. Then, with circular motion begin to slowly squeezing balls together, so they fill empty space between them and eventually obtain a flat appearance and the appearance of a real soccer ball.

Fondant soccer ball in hands close

After some time, the rotation between your palms will make soccer ball, which is almost a real replica of soccer ball.

Fondant soccer ball close up

Put figurine to dry overnight in a cool and dry place (but not the refrigerator).

This is the easiest way of doing simple soccer ball cake topper. 


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